Traduction manquante : The Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia is the instrument of a living art, an opening to the world that reveals every music. It suggests in all its forms, whether today or elsewhere or yesterday.

Augustin Dumay is one of the great violinists and musicians of that time, an outstanding interpreter of Mozart. He is currently Music Director of the Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia.

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Press : Eindhoven Dayblad 22 September 2006

“The fantastic Portuguese pianist Maria Joao Pires is a musical personality that has conquered the world’s heart (…) The violinist Augustin Dumay is also a first rate musician. Like Pires, he plays from the inside, with an enormous “musical frame,” a formidable sound, and charisma that takes one’s breath away (…) He also conducts one of […]

Press : Nine O’Clock (Bucharest) 21 December 2006

“This evening at 7:00, one of Europe’s most prestigious ensembles, the Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia, will give an extraordinary Mozart concert in the Romanian Atheneum”. NINE O’CLOCK (Bucharest), CostinTuchila, 21 December 2006 – Concert in the Romanian Athenaeum, Bucharest

Press : 24 October 2006

“It is a particular, exceptional event. The Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia played on two evenings at the Beijing music festival. The event is huge. The guests at the Beijing Festival are selected carefully among the best in the world. The selection is strict and many orchestras are left behind, in spite of repeated requests. […]

Press : Le Soir 24 October 2006

“This is the first time that a Belgian orchestra is invited to this event which usually has a predilection for the Vienna Philharmonic or the Scala of Milan, in a splendid concert hall in the very heart of the highly symbolic Forbidden City. Augustin Dumay wanted a real meeting between two cultures: the musicians are mixed, the […]

Press : Vers l’Avenir 23 October 2006

“Sunday evening was quite exceptional in Beijing. The Forbidden City played host to the Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia in the presence of three French-speaking ministers! (…) It is worth knowing, in fact, that this immense residence of the imperial family, in the very heart of the city, has had a concert hall with extraordinary […]

Press : La Province 24 October 2006

“Few international orchestras have the chance to play in the concert hall of Beijing’s famous Forbidden City. Its doors are opened for the Scala of Milan, the Vienna Philharmonic or the Berlin Opera. The Chamber Orchestra has just managed to add its name in gold this weekend. Better yet, it shared the stage in a mixed […]